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Aim, Fit & Focus in action.


Our process is to analyze the business using your numbers with an unerring ability to get to the salient facts and build a strategy on those facts. We will show you where and how to cash in on the insights hidden in your data.


Winning is not all about strategy. You need the right team in place to make it work. We approach that task working with you to first define the roles required. Then we assure that the individuals match up to those positions scientifically using the Predictive IndexTM.


Turn the insights from our strategic analysis and the leaders selected into a path to profits. We coach you and your team for as long as it takes to assure that everyone stays on track. As long as it takes and no longer.

successful busines

Longview Fibre Paper & Packaging

Industry: Paper & Packaging

Pacific Gas & Electric

Industry: Nuclear Power Generation

Cascade Networks Inc.

Industry: Broadband Services and Equipment


Industry: Automotive Production

Kraft Foods

Industry: Food Production


Industry: Paper Production

Roland Wines

Industry: Winery