Personnel and Workplace Management.

Sometimes a sales slump has nothing to do with your products offering, but rather who your team is and how they behave and execute company protocol. How you hire and who you hire create a huge impact on your business. Your hiring selection and onboarding process should fit well with the flow of your operations.

A professional assessment will help you discover unseen potential leaders, how to improve employee engagement and retention and develop your team and process execution. Use the results of your assessment to hire the best fit for a job description.

Once you’ve hired the best crew, create a management system that is efficient for you and friendly to your employees. Discover your workplace flow situation and find a solution, we’ll show you how.

Areas of Impact

Sales Slumps


Hiring Selection

Employee Engagement
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Discovering HI-PO’s
+ Leaders

Team Development
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Job Assessment

Behavior Assessment

Cognitive Assessment

Personality testing



Talent Acquisition

Talent Management

Hiring and Selection

Hire to Retire

Employee Engagement

Leadership Development


Hardee’s Franchises

Industry: Fast-Food Franchise Restaurants

  • Company: Boddie-Noell Enterprises – one of the nation’s largest Hardee’s franchisees.
  • Situation: High Unwanted Turnover among restaurant managers (over 200% annually)
  • Role: Organization Development Consultant
  • Analysis: Company was recruiting and hiring “independent, entrepreneurial” types to enter their Unit Manager Training Program. The candidates would successfully complete the program, take over a restaurant, then leave after a year or two. Even worse, a number of them went on to found competing fast-food restaurants in the same market areas. A study was conducted to rank the existing restaurant managers on a few key performance criteria plus seniority. Part of the study included the Predictive Index® behavior assessment of each manager.
  • Findings: There proved to be two statistically significant behavior characteristics that the higher performers shared – a sense of urgency and a drive to go by the book.
  • Solution and Results: Measurement of these traits, using the Predictive Index Behavior Assessment, was incorporated into the company’s recruiting process. Manager Training was modified to emphasize the importance of following the approved procedures and existing Managers received coaching to emphasize consistency. A process was also instituted that allowed for innovative ideas to be surfaced and reviewed for possible inclusion in the overall system procedures. Unwanted turnover began to decline quickly to less than 50% and the company was able to accelerate their growth plans.

Beverly Enterprises Inc.

Industry: Nursing Homes

  • Company: Beverly Enterprises, Inc. – one of the nation’s largest systems of Senior Care facilities. Now Golden Living Center
  • Situation: Inconsistent performance across Nursing Homes in terms of regulatory and company policy compliance.
  • Role: Organization Development Consultant
  • Analysis: There was no standard behavioral profile for the Nursing Home Manager role. Candidates were selected or promoted into the role primarily based on their previous experience, performance and an interview process. There was no behavioral assessment used in projecting their performance in the Manager role. A study was conducted on the existing Nursing Home Managers using a company ranking of performance based on financial and compliance criteria. The study compared performance to the Predictive Index Behavioral Assessments of each Manager.
  • Findings: The highest rated Managers shared a couple of significant behavioral traits. These included a consistent, methodical approach to their work as well as a high level of drive to conform to established policies and regulations.
  • Solution and Results: Measurement of these traits, using the Predictive Index Behavior Assessment, was incorporated into the company’s recruiting process. Also, the Manager Training Program was modified to increase the amount of training and focus on the methodical implementation of policies and procedures with the Nursing Home staff.

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