What is your business situation?

Accurately knowing where you are in this situation matrix will give you a strong foundation in order to organize and grow your business. An honest assessment will enable you to move forward with purpose, and goal setting will give you a target to strive for.

What symptoms is your business showing? Do you have issues with personnel fit, procedure and product focus or both? High turnover rate, or ineffective leadership?

Perhaps your symptoms are product or service related. Do you need rationalization to find the best sellers? Are your sales slumping and no one knows why? What should you be focusing on and how do you create growth and consistent protocol?

Square Peg Consulting knows how to identify issues and develop custom solutions for your situation.

Right Fit Indicators:

  • Job requirements are clear (“Head, Heart & Briefcase”)
  • Right people selected
  • Right leaders in place
  • Low unwanted Turnover
  • High Performance Teams
  • Sales Increasing
  • High Potential people are developed

Poor Fit Symptoms:

  • Job requirements incomplete
  • Wrong people in the wrong jobs
  • Ineffective leadership
  • High Unwanted Turnover
  • Employees are disengaged
  • Ineffective Teams
  • Sales Slumping
  • High-Potential people undeveloped

Unfocused Symptoms:

  • Processes are incomplete or inconsistent
  • Process variation by person or team is high
  • Profit sources are unclear
  • Trying to be “all things to all people”
  • Sales stalled
  • 80% of resources focused on 20% Cash Contributors

Focused Indicators:

  • Processes are clear and consistent
  • Little variation across personnel
  • Cash Contribution reporting is clear
  • Products and services are rationalized
  • Sales and market share growing
  • 80% of resources focused on 80% Cash Contributors

Profitable Growth Through FIT & FOCU$


Develop data-driven solutions to ensure employee behavior aligns with job requirements.


Implement process and reporting solutions to increase product & service cash contribution.